Meet the Midagon team: Jussi Lehmuskallio

05.09.17 Midagon

When it comes to the term “team player,” one need not look further than Jussi Lehmuskallio. In fact,
working as part of a well-functioning and committed team is what drives Jussi to perform at his very
best. His colleagues and his clients alike know they can always count on him to get the job done.
Even when working independently, Jussi gives everything he has to each endeavor he pursues. This drive
has carried him through his 20 years of experience in various positions in supply chain development and
operative organization. Prior to his role as Managing Consultant at Midagon, Jussi served in various
senior management roles at such notable firms as Microsoft and Nokia.

Jussi credits much of his success to his ability to learn from and adapt within many different roles. In
fact, he often compares his career path to a football team, on which the best players are capable of
playing any position. Having had the opportunity to work in many different roles within the supply chain
has given him a more holistic understanding of the end-to- end business processes and business drivers.
He applies this unique knowledge and hands-on experience in his role at Midagon.

Given Jussi’s background, it’s not surprising that he would draw a comparison between work and
football. In fact, he once was an aspiring and very talented player. He missed out on the opportunity to
pursue a career as an athlete, however, because he was not focused on becoming a better player. This
experience taught Jussi an important lesson about always working hard and striving to better oneself. As
a result, Jussi strives to continuously develop his skills so that he can work and achieve good results in
any position.

Outside of the office, Jussi shares his life with his wife and beloved children. An avid traveler, Jussi has
visited many amazing destinations, including Sydney, Manaus, Singapore, Tokyo, Pyhätunturi, Ruka,
Wien and Roma, just to name a few. While he says each place was unique and beautiful in its own right,
what matters most to Jussi is time with his family. His strongest desire is to see his children grow up and
achieve their dreams. He is also passionate about environmental issues and saving our planet.
Leading the operative business organization and capability development teams within the supply chain
management area, Jussi applies his expertise in the areas of Sourcing and Procurement, Materials
Management, Customer Engagement Processes, Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Process
Integration, among others. He has excellent strategic thinking skills and he has proven in several cases
that he is capable of implementing new business models based on new business strategy or vision.