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Supply Chain Transformation Project Management

Project management is crucial for successful project execution.

Our experience ensures your success 

For your supply chain and sourcing transformation, we develop a structured program plan that focuses on business benefits realiszation. We ensure and oversee that the business case in validated and actively managed. We suggest best practices from our methodology toolkit.   

During the project execution and deployment of a new operating model, tools, and processes, we ensure that the right leadership and management are in place. In addition to the traditional program management discipline, we provide support in change management and communication. Managing the motivation and commitment of everyone affected is essential for succeeding in the transformation.   

A smooth project resulting in tangible business benefits 

With our experience, project management and deep subject matter expertise go hand in hand. We help you define targets and keep the project on time and budget. Our experts have valuable know-how in change management and implementing new initiatives. We maintain the goal of business benefits realisation throughout the project. We keep the scope under control, with the defined business targets as a leading guideline – from start to end. 

With Midagon, your supply chain transformation is smooth, even in challenging environments.  

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