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Supply Chain Strategy and Operating Model Definition

Strategy and operating model: The cornerstones of a successful transformation

Unlock your potential with Midagon 

Based on your business strategy, we help you to define your supply chain and sourcing strategies and operating model. Changes in the operating model will impact people, processes, technology, and data – all or at least some of them. We provide support in identifying the change impact and making the actual, concrete change plan for your supply chain and sourcing transformations.    

A focused strategy creates a solid foundation for execution 

The outcome of the strategy and operating model work is a clear description of the target state where operating model together with an optimal system landscape supports process efficiency, enabling future development and business growth. Target state definition creates the foundation of the transformation roadmap, aligning the different aspects of your organisation towards a shared vision.

You will have a clear focused plan to start your supply chain and sourcing transformations. 

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