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Riku Roos

Career story: Riku Roos

Before joining Midagon, I worked for decades in the IT sector, in many different companies like Deutsche Bank, Capgemini and Nokia. I was also the first employee of Microsoft Finland. I frequently lived abroad, working in international IT management roles in line organisations. At one point, I was leading a team of more than 500 people.

The nature of the work in a line and project organisation differs significantly. For example, in a line organisation, much of your time can be spent in official leadership responsibilities. In contrast, at Midagon I have been able to concentrate on issues that offer direct business value to organisations.

Before joining Midagon, I worked as an independent consultant. However, when working alone, finding new projects was challenging. A friend of mine who knew people from Midagon and cooperated with them talked very positively about the company. That motivated me to take the first step, which led me to Midagon.

While at Midagon, I have managed a wide variety of projects. They have ranged from facilitating management teams to ICT infrastructure renewals and everything in between. One extremely interesting project was with Puuilo, a fast-growing Finnish retail company. In this role, I helped with an ERP project that contributed to Puuilo’s ability to go IPO. All of the work has been very interesting.

I had the passion to deliver these kinds of projects over 30 years ago. However, at that time, I just didn’t have enough experience. Now I can finally work on these super interesting projects, utilizing the experience I gained over the years. We can do all of these things at Midagon because we have many “well-marinated” people who know what they are doing – with a passion to deliver.

I have had the opportunity to work independently and remotely, even before Covid. I’ve been managing projects from a variety of locations, sometimes from Finland and other times (for family reasons) from abroad. I value this opportunity and flexibility tremendously.

Midagon allows its consultants to work independently without micromanagement. That’s what makes our culture so great: less unnecessary bureaucracy and more true value - in a fun and supporting atmosphere. That culture enables me to work on challenging projects and concentrate on quality. It is very rewarding to be able to achieve results and meet the quality standards of both the client and myself.